how to choose a web hosting

Web Hosting Facts: How to Choose a Web Hosting Service

I am starting today’s blog with a view to assisting my friends who want to choose a web hosting company but don’t have any idea of how to choose. Then today’s blog is just for you.

I will tell you to step by step how you can easily choose a web hosting company with a good offer and service.

Before starting I would like to let you know that Web hosting. Web hosting is a very common phrase and familiar to all of us.

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It is because, web hosting is necessary nowadays as it indicates the physical location of your website on the Internet to create online storage to store information, images, videos, and other contents that comprise your website.

So, choosing a reliable web Host company is important and it should be chosen carefully to keep your site up and run smoothly.

how to choose a web hosting

Today I am going to discuss with you what things you must keep in your mind while choosing a web host company.

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Reliability of the Web Hosting Server

This factor has got the first priority that you must consider as a factor of choosing Web Host Company. To select any web hosting company, consider those which provides 24/7 support to make the website available on the internet.

No matter what your audience flow is low or high you have to consider the speed and availability of the server.

Choose those Web Host Company which has a powerful server configured with quality hardware and good network connections.

Security of the Server

As your website will contain sensitive information, it is necessary to maintain security. The back end data and information are very confidential and should not be leak out.

Server security is the second major criteria that you should consider. You should choose those web hosting providers who do not compromise with the security of your web data.

Options to Upgrade Plans

When you launch your own blog/website, I would like to recommend you that you should purchase a shared hosting plan which will not only save your extra cost but also save you time.

You can use Shared web hosting which normally provides the opportunity to run a number of websites with the different domain name.

At first, you can start your website with shared hosting and then when your business will increase you can upgrade into the VPS hosting plan or Dedicated web hosting plan.

Scalable web hosts will be the best choice for you if you want to upgrade your plan.

Website options/Add on Domain

When you are going to start new blogging and going to purchase a web hosting service for the first time, you should look for “addon domain option. 

This option will allow you to run multiple websites under only one web hosting account.

Right now most shared hosting company is offering more than 20 addon domains on an average in mid-level plans.

Control panel and User Interface

cPanel is very essential to manage your website. Having access to your cPanel, you can manage and design your website, add domains to your hosting, create and manage URL’s etc.

The user interface of the hosting cPanel should be easy to understand. Then you can do your tasks softly.

Customer Support

 Not being tech savvy, you may need to constantly contact with a customer support team in order to do the little things. You have to install WordPress, set up your email and your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts.

customer support

To do these technical tasks, you need support from those companies. You also can easily update and modify your website without any tension and wasting several hours of your precious time.


To get an affordable web hosting with reliability, you must pay for a good web hosting company. Remember that we get what we pay for.

So if you want to make sure that you are getting unlimited hosting, malware and spam protection, secure site protection, scalability and many more then you must choose the best web hosting company without thinking of money.

When you are looking for a cheap web hosting but with the best performance and quality I can assure you that there are many Web hosting companies to get the best offer in cheap deals. By knowing your current and future needs

Renewal Price

Among all kinds of web hosting plans I prefer the shared hosting most. Let me tell you why. Shared web hosting is cheapest type of hosting plans than that of other plans.
But there is a question; are they actually cheap after initial period? The answer is no.

Most web hosting companies trap customers by their initial period offer and when it comes to renewal then it becomes costly. So if you are planning to choose web hosting company try to find differences in the sign-up price and the renewal price for better understanding.

I am giving you some names for better research: GoDaddy, Namecheap, a2 hosting, Bluehost, HostGator, 1&1 Ionos, FatCow, Altus host, arvixe, Dreamhost,, Hostmetro, Inmotion hosting, etc.

Email Features

Do you know what actually email features does your provider offer?

Are they really providing spam protection?

Is your site and email addresses are protected from dangerous viruses and malware?

Yes these are the important issues to consider when you are going to choose web hosting company. You have to ask these questions of your potential provider in order to obtain the correct answers related your web host company.

Final Words

As a user and also a blogger I would like to advise you to choose your hosting company on these bases to maximize your output.

Consider your personal need and demand. Compare web host companies to find the best deals out.

There are special offers and coupons provided by some companies.

Get your offer today by following our GoDaddy Review to get coupons from GoDaddy.

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