Inc Authority Reviews

Inc Authority helps start and grow businesses. Many like its low cost and free LLC service. It’s a favorite for new business owners.

What Is Inc Authority?

Inc Authority helps people start businesses. It forms LLCs and corporations. Many trust it for an easy and stress-free business setup.

Services Offered

Inc Authority offers many services:

LLC Formation

Forms a Limited Liability Company.

Corporation Formation

Sets up corporations.

Registered Agent Service

Provides a reliable agent.

Business Credit

Helps build business credit.

Tax Planning

Offers tax advice.

These services help your business comply with laws. Inc Authority has premium packages that bundle services. This makes it convenient for you.

Best Features of Inc Authority

Setting Up a Business with Inc Authority

Starting a business can be hard. Inc Authority makes it easy:
  1. Choose Business Type: LLC, corporation, or non-profit.
  2. Enter Details: Business name, address, and contact info.
  3. Select State: Where you want your business.
  4. Fill Forms: Inc Authority helps with paperwork.
  5. Review Order: Check information.
  6. Submit and Pay: Finalize your setup.
The process is quick and simple, usually taking 10-15 minutes.

Comparing Inc Authority to Competitors

Feature Comparison


Inc Authority



Northwest Registered Agent

Base Price


$79 + State Fees

$49 + State Fees

$39 + State Fees

Registered Agent

Free 1st Year




EIN Acquisition





Operating Agreement





Compliance Alerts





Digital Document Storage


Not Included



Inc Authority is good for budget-conscious entrepreneurs. LegalZoom is for those needing extra legal services. ZenBusiness is user-friendly. Northwest Registered Agent is known for customer support.

Pricing Structure

Basic vs. Premium Packages


Basic Package

Premium Package

Business Name Check



Formation Documents



EIN Registration

Not Included


Operating Agreement

Not Included


Record Book

Not Included


The Basic package is free. The Premium package is $399 with more features.

Hidden Costs and Fees

Costs An Fees

Registered Agent Services

$99/year after the first year

State Fees

Varies by state

Business License Reports

Extra charges

Know all costs to avoid surprises.

Success Stories: Case Studies

Startup Successes

Growth and Expansion

Pros & Cons



Final Thoughts: Is Inc Authority Right for You?

Evaluate your business needs. Inc Authority specializes in LLC services and offers free formation. It also provides various packages for different needs. Compare customer feedback and other service providers. Make an informed decision to set your business on the path to success.

Customer Reviews: Analyzing Feedback

Positive Reviews Highlights

Areas for Improvement

Common Concerns and FAQs

Addressing Misconceptions

  • Not a Scam: Inc Authority is legitimate.
  • Hidden Fees: Transparent about costs.
  • Service Speed: Aims to process orders quickly.

Expert Responses to FAQs

  • Free Package Includes: Name check, filing, and one year of registered agent services.
  • Optional Services: EIN registration, operating agreement, and business license report.
  • Customer Support: Available via phone and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with positive reviews.
Usually 7-10 business days.
Helps businesses form LLCs and corporations.
Call 877-684-2836 or email support with your details.
Starting your business with Inc Authority is simple. Their free LLC package includes a few key services. First, they check if your business name is available. Then, they prepare and file your incorporation papers. You also get one year of registered agent services. This helps you receive important legal documents.
Yes, Inc Authority offers extra services. These services help your business run smoothly. You can buy EIN registration for tax purposes. They also offer an operating agreement. This document outlines how your business will run. You can get a business license report too. This helps you understand local licensing needs. Finally, they provide compliance notifications. These remind you of important deadlines.
Legal compliance is crucial. Inc Authority helps you stay compliant. They provide a registered agent service. This agent receives official documents on your behalf. They also offer compliance notifications. These remind you of important filings and deadlines.
Yes, they can help with personal taxes too. Their experts handle tax preparation for individuals.
Inc Authority provides ongoing support. They offer services like annual report filing and compliance notifications. This helps you manage your business long-term.
Inc Authority is clear about its costs. The basic package is free, but extra services may cost more. Always check for any additional fees before purchasing.

Yes, non-US residents can use Inc Authority. They help non-US residents form businesses in the United States. Contact their support team for specific details.

Yes, you can form a non-profit with Inc Authority. They assist with the paperwork and compliance needs. This makes starting a non-profit easier

Yes, you can upgrade anytime. Inc Authority offers flexible packages. You can add services as your business grows. For example, you might need EIN registration or an operating agreement later.
Tax planning is important for saving money. Inc Authority offers a free tax consultation. They help you understand your tax duties. Their experts handle both business and personal taxes.
Staying informed is easy. Inc Authority sends email updates about your business status. You can also contact their support team for updates.
The first year of registered agent service is free. After that, it costs $99 per year. You can choose to stay with Inc Authority or switch to another provider.

Inc Authority offers free LLC formation. This saves you money compared to LegalZoom, which charges $79 plus state fees. However, LegalZoom provides a wider range of legal services.

Inc Authority offers free LLC formation. This saves you money compared to LegalZoom, which charges $79 plus state fees. However, LegalZoom provides a wider range of legal services.
Yes, customer support is available throughout the process. You can reach them by phone or email. They are ready to help with any questions or problems.
Building business credit is important. Inc Authority offers a credit and funding analysis. This helps you understand your options and build your credit.
Protecting your brand is crucial. Inc Authority helps you register trademarks with the USPTO. They handle the application and keep you updated.
Inc Authority sometimes offers discounts and promotions. Check their website or contact support for current deals.
Forming an LLC usually takes 7-10 business days. If you need it faster, Inc Authority offers expedited services.

Inc Authority Reviews

Inc Authority helps start and grow businesses. Many like its low cost and free LLC service. It’s a favorite for new business owners.