How to Form a Company With Inc Authority

How to Form a Company With Inc Authority

To form a company with inc authority, you need to follow their simple online process and provide the necessary information and documentation. Starting a company with inc authority is a straightforward process.

With their user-friendly online platform, you can easily enter your details and submit the required documents to form your company. Inc authority guides you through the entire process, ensuring that you meet all the legal requirements and providing you with the necessary formation documents once your company is successfully registered.

Whether you are starting a limited liability company (llc) or a corporation, inc authority can help you establish and protect your business entity efficiently. By choosing their services, you can enjoy peace of mind as they offer comprehensive support and resources for your company formation journey.

How to Form a Company With Inc Authority


Why Choose Inc Authority For Company Formation

Forming a company with inc authority is a wise choice due to their expertise and streamlined process. With their guidance, you can establish your business hassle-free and receive ongoing support.

Forming a company can be a complex process, but with inc authority, the journey becomes much simpler. Why should you choose inc authority for your company formation? Let’s explore the benefits, the ease of the process, and some success stories from businesses formed through inc authority.

Benefits Of Using Inc Authority For Company Formation

When you choose inc authority for your company formation, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Expert guidance: Inc authority provides expert guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring that you follow all the necessary steps accurately.
  • Cost-effective: Unlike some other formation services, inc authority offers its services for free, making it a cost-effective choice for entrepreneurs and businesses on a budget.
  • Speedy formation: With inc authority, you can avoid the lengthy process of paperwork and filings. They streamline the process to help you form your company quickly.
  • Asset protection: Inc authority offers asset protection services, safeguarding your personal assets from liabilities related to your business.
  • Ongoing support: Even after your company is formed, inc authority continues to provide ongoing support, offering expertise and assistance whenever you need it.

How Inc Authority Simplifies The Process

Inc authority simplifies the company formation process in the following ways:

  • Clear instructions: They provide easy-to-understand instructions, ensuring that you know exactly what needs to be done at each step of the process.
  • Document preparation: Inc authority handles all the necessary document preparation, saving you the time and hassle of figuring out the paperwork on your own.
  • Filing assistance: They assist you with filing all the required documents with the appropriate government authorities, relieving you of the burden of navigating the legal requirements.

Success Stories Of Businesses Formed Through Inc Authority

Here are a few success stories of businesses that were formed through inc authority:

  • Company abc: With inc authority’s guidance, company abc successfully formed their llc and started their journey in the e-commerce industry. They have now expanded their operations and achieved significant growth.
  • Startup xyz: Inc authority helped startup xyz navigate the company formation process and provided ongoing support as they established their tech startup. Today, they have secured funding and gained recognition in their industry.
  • Entrepreneur pqr: As a solo entrepreneur, pqr sought the services of inc authority to form their sole proprietorship. Thanks to inc authority’s assistance, pqr was able to start their consulting business and attract high-profile clients.

Inc authority offers a range of benefits for company formation, simplifies the process with clear instructions and document preparation, and has a track record of success stories. Whether you’re starting a small business or launching a startup, choosing inc authority can help facilitate a smooth and successful company formation process.

Steps To Form A Company With Inc Authority

Learn how to easily form a company with inc authority through simple and straightforward steps. From choosing a business structure to filing necessary documents, this guide will help you navigate the process hassle-free.

Research And Choose A Suitable Business Name

  • Conduct thorough research to generate potential business names.
  • Consider the type of business and target audience when brainstorming names.
  • Make sure the name is unique and not already in use by another company.
  • Check for any trademark conflicts and ensure the domain name is available.
  • Seek feedback from trusted associates or conduct a survey to gauge its appeal.

Select The Appropriate Business Structure

  • Understand the different business structures available, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, llc, or corporation.
  • Evaluate each structure’s advantages and disadvantages in relation to your business goals.
  • Consult with legal and financial professionals for guidance on the best structure for your company.
  • Consider factors such as liability protection, taxation, and ownership flexibility.

Gather The Necessary Documents And Information

  • Collect personal information, including social security number or employer identification number (ein).
  • Prepare identification documents like a valid driver’s license or passport.
  • Organize business-related documents such as a business plan, articles of incorporation, or operating agreement.
  • Determine the registered agent’s information, which may include their name and address.

Complete The Online Application With Inc Authority

  • Visit the inc authority website and locate the online application form.
  • Fill in all the required fields accurately, providing the company name, business structure, and contact information.
  • Submit the necessary documents, including identification and business-related paperwork.
  • Review the application thoroughly to ensure accuracy before submitting it.

Pay The Required Fees And Submit The Application

  • Calculate the applicable fees based on the chosen business structure and services provided by inc authority.
  • Complete the online payment process securely through the provided payment methods.
  • Verify that all fees are paid in full and the application is successfully submitted.
  • Keep a record of the payment confirmation and any reference numbers provided.

Await Approval And Receive The Necessary Legal Documents

  • Understand that the approval process may take time, typically ranging from a few days to a few weeks.
  • Remain patient and wait for confirmation from inc authority regarding the application status.
  • Once approved, expect to receive the necessary legal documents, such as the certificate of incorporation or operating agreement.
  • Review the received documents carefully and store them in a safe place.

Remember, forming a company with inc authority involves several essential steps. Researching and choosing a suitable business name, selecting the appropriate business structure, gathering the necessary documents, completing the online application, paying the required fees, and awaiting approval are the key stages to establish your company successfully.

Following these steps diligently with inc authority’s guidance will help ensure your business starts off on the right foot.

Understanding The Different Business Structures

Understanding the different business structures is crucial when forming a company with inc authority. Discover the steps and options available to ensure a successful and legally compliant business formation process.

When starting a business, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the right business structure. There are several options available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we’ll explore the differences between sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation, and discuss the factors to consider when selecting the best structure for your company.

Sole Proprietorship Vs. Partnership Vs. Corporation:

Sole Proprietorship:

  • A sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business structure, where the business is owned and operated by a single individual.
  • Easy to set up and low in cost, making it an attractive option for small businesses and freelancers.
  • Complete control and decision-making power lies in the hands of the owner, allowing for quick and agile decision-making.
  • Personal liability for business debts and obligations, as the business and owner are considered as one legal entity.


  • A partnership is formed when two or more individuals decide to start a business together and share profits, liabilities, and decision-making responsibilities.
  • Partnerships can be general or limited, with different levels of liability and involvement.
  • Shared responsibilities and resources can bring increased expertise and financial strength to the business.
  • Similar to sole proprietorship, partners are personally liable for the business’s debts and obligations.


  • A corporation is a separate legal entity from its owners, known as shareholders, who provide capital and elect a board of directors to oversee the company’s operations.
  • Limited liability protection for shareholders, meaning their personal assets are generally safeguarded from business liabilities.
  • Flexibility in raising capital through the sale of stocks or attracting potential investors.
  • More complex in terms of formation and ongoing administrative requirements, including compliance with regulations and filing annual reports.

Pros And Cons Of Each Business Structure:

Sole Proprietorship:

  • Pros:
  • Simplicity and low cost of formation.
  • Complete control and decision-making power.
  • Profits are directly accessed by the owner.
  • Cons:
  • Personal liability for business debts and legal issues.
  • Limited ability to raise capital.
  • Difficulties in transferring ownership.


  • Pros:
  • Shared responsibilities and expertise.
  • Access to additional financial resources.
  • Relatively easy and inexpensive to establish.
  • Cons:
  • Personal liability for partnership debts and legal issues.
  • Potential for conflict and disagreements among partners.
  • Dissolution of partnership upon the withdrawal or death of a partner.


  • Pros:
  • Limited liability protection for shareholders.
  • Ability to raise capital through stock sales and attract investors.
  • Potential for perpetual existence, regardless of changes in ownership or management.
  • Cons:
  • Complexity and cost of formation and compliance.
  • Double taxation on corporate profits.
  • Strict regulatory requirements.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Business Structure:

  • Nature of the business and its industry.
  • Potential growth and expansion plans.
  • Expected number of owners/shareholders.
  • Flexibility and control requirements.
  • Liability and legal considerations.
  • Tax implications.
  • Cost and administrative burden.
  • Future plans for attracting investors or going public.

Remember, selecting the right business structure is a crucial step in setting up your company. Ensure you thoroughly understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option and consider the specific needs and goals of your business before making a decision.

Essential Documents And Information Needed

Learn how to form a company with inc authority by gathering all the essential documents and information needed for a seamless process. From identification documents to business plans, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the steps to successfully establish your company.

Forming a company requires some essential documents and information in order to comply with legal and administrative requirements. To help you get started with the process, here are the key documents and information you will need:

Employer Identification Number (Ein):

Obtaining an employer identification number (ein) is crucial for your company. This unique nine-digit number, issued by the irs, is used to identify your business entity for tax purposes. To apply for an ein, you will need:

  • Social security number (ssn) or individual taxpayer identification number (itin) of the responsible party.
  • Business information such as legal name, trade name (if applicable), address, and type of entity (corporation, partnership, llc, etc. ).

Articles Of Incorporation/Articles Of Organization:

The articles of incorporation (for corporations) or articles of organization (for llcs) are legal documents that officially establish your company with the state. These documents typically include:

  • Company name and address.
  • Purpose and nature of the business.
  • Names and addresses of initial directors or members.
  • Share structure (for corporations) or ownership interests (for llcs).

Operating Agreement/Bylaws:

An operating agreement (for llcs) or bylaws (for corporations) outlines the internal operating procedures and rules for your company. These documents cover important aspects such as:

  • Roles, responsibilities, and decision-making authority of members or directors.
  • Distribution of profits and losses.
  • Voting rights and procedures.
  • Membership or shareholder rights and restrictions.

Registered Agent Information:

A registered agent is responsible for receiving legal and administrative documents on behalf of your company. This can be an individual or a registered agent service. You will need to provide the registered agent’s:

  • Name and address.
  • Written consent to act as the registered agent.

Business Address And Contact Details:

Your company’s physical business address and contact details are important for official correspondence. Include the following information:

  • Street address.
  • Mailing address (if different from the street address).
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.

Collecting and preparing these essential documents and information will help ensure a smooth and compliant formation process for your company. Remember, different states may have specific requirements, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations in your jurisdiction.

With these requirements in place, you can proceed confidently in establishing your company with inc authority.

Benefits Of Forming A Company With Inc Authority

Forming a company with inc authority offers numerous benefits, including access to expert guidance throughout the process, simplified paperwork, potential tax advantages, and legal protection. By partnering with inc authority, entrepreneurs can navigate the complexities of company formation efficiently and confidently.

If you’re considering forming a company, partnering with inc authority can offer a range of benefits that can make the process smoother and more cost-effective. With expert guidance throughout the process, cost-effective solutions for new business owners, access to additional services and resources, as well as ongoing support and compliance assistance, inc authority can truly be your trusted partner in company formation.

Expert Guidance Throughout The Process:

  • Inc authority provides expert guidance at every step of the company formation process, ensuring that you have the information and support you need.
  • Their team of professionals has extensive knowledge and experience in company formation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.
  • From deciding on the right business structure to filing the necessary legal documents, inc authority guides you through the entire process.

Cost-Effective Solutions For New Business Owners:

  • Forming a company can be expensive, especially for new business owners. However, inc authority offers cost-effective solutions that can save you money.
  • They provide competitive pricing options, allowing you to form your company without breaking the bank.
  • By partnering with inc authority, you can avoid costly mistakes and streamline the formation process, ultimately saving you time and money.

Access To Additional Services And Resources:

  • When you choose inc authority, you gain access to a range of additional services and resources that can benefit your business.
  • They offer a variety of business services, such as registered agent services, business compliance solutions, and trademark services.
  • Additionally, inc authority provides access to educational resources, including webinars, articles, and guides, to help you navigate the complexities of running a successful business.

Ongoing Support And Compliance Assistance:

  • Once your company is formed, inc authority provides ongoing support and compliance assistance to ensure that you remain compliant with legal requirements.
  • They keep you informed of important filing deadlines and help you meet your obligations.
  • With their expert guidance, you can focus on growing your business while knowing that you have compliance matters under control.

By forming your company with inc authority, you’ll benefit from expert guidance, cost-effective solutions, access to additional services and resources, as well as ongoing support and compliance assistance. With their help, your company formation process will be streamlined and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what matters most – building and growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Company Formation

Learn everything you need to know about forming a company with inc authority. Get answers to frequently asked questions about company formation in a concise and informative manner.

What Is The Cost Of Forming A Company With Inc Authority?

  • Inc authority offers different pricing packages for company formation, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Here are the options available:
  • The “free” package: This package covers the basics of company formation and includes services such as preparation and filing of articles of incorporation, access to online documents, and free business tax consultation.
  • The “starter” package: Priced at $399 plus state fees, this package offers additional features such as a company seal, a personalized binder, and expedited order processing.
  • The “executive” package: For $499 plus state fees, this package includes all the features of the starter package, along with a federal tax id number (ein) and a business website.
  • The “tycoon” package: Priced at $799 plus state fees, this comprehensive package provides everything from the executive package, as well as express shipping, a business credit and funding assessment, and business email setup.
  • Additional services: Inc authority also offers various add-on services, such as registered agent services, business license research packages, and more.

How Long Does The Process Take?

  • The timeline for forming a company with inc authority can vary depending on several factors, including the state in which you are incorporating and the specific services you choose. Here are some general timelines to keep in mind:
  • Free package: Typically, the process takes around 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Starter package: With this package, the turnaround time is expedited to approximately 3 to 5 weeks.
  • Executive and tycoon packages: These packages usually speed up the process to around 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Expedited filing: If you require a faster turnaround time, you can opt for expedited filing services, which can reduce the timeline to as little as 2 to 7 business days, depending on the state.
  • It’s important to note that these timelines are estimates, and factors such as state processing times and the complexity of your specific formation can impact the overall duration.

Can I Choose Any Business Name I Want?

  • Yes, you are generally allowed to choose any business name you want when forming a company with inc authority. However, there are some guidelines and restrictions to keep in mind:
  • Availability: Your chosen business name must be available and not already in use by another company in your state. Inc authority will conduct a name availability search to ensure the name you want is not already taken.
  • Compliance: The name should comply with the rules and regulations set by your state’s business entity filing office. This may include restrictions on certain words or phrases or requirements for specific ending designations (e.g., “llc” for a limited liability company).
  • Trademarks: It’s also important to consider trademark availability and potential infringement. Inc authority does not perform trademark searches, so it’s advisable to conduct your own search or seek legal advice to ensure your chosen name does not infringe on existing trademarks.

What Ongoing Requirements Are There For Maintaining A Company Formed Through Inc Authority?

  • Once your company is formed through inc authority, there are certain ongoing requirements you must fulfill to maintain its status. Here are some key considerations:
  • Annual reports: Many states require companies to file annual reports, providing updates on key company information such as addresses, registered agents, and ownership details. These reports ensure the state’s records are up to date and the company remains compliant. The specific filing requirements and deadlines vary by state.
  • Registered agent: It is typically mandatory to maintain a registered agent in the state of formation. The registered agent acts as a designated point of contact for legal and official correspondence on behalf of the company. Inc authority offers registered agent services to help fulfill this requirement.
  • Taxes: Your company may have ongoing tax obligations at the federal, state, and local levels. It is important to understand and fulfill these obligations to remain compliant. Consulting with a tax professional can help ensure you meet all necessary tax requirements.
  • Business licenses and permits: Depending on the nature of your business and the jurisdictions in which you operate, you may need to obtain specific licenses or permits to remain in compliance with local regulations. Inc authority does not offer business license services, but they provide access to business license research packages to help you understand your obligations.

Remember, forming a company with inc authority can be an efficient and convenient way to start your entrepreneurial journey. Understanding the costs, timelines, naming guidelines, and ongoing requirements will help you navigate the process with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Form A Company With Inc Authority

How Can Inc Authority Help Me Form A Company?

Inc authority can help you form a company by providing professional assistance in filing the necessary legal documents, including the articles of incorporation, obtaining an employer identification number (ein), and offering ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire process.

What Are The Advantages Of Forming A Company With Inc Authority?

By forming a company with inc authority, you can enjoy several benefits, including limited liability protection, potential tax advantages, enhanced credibility and professionalism, access to business resources and support, and the ability to separate and protect your personal assets from your business liabilities.

Is It Expensive To Form A Company With Inc Authority?

Forming a company with inc authority is cost-effective compared to hiring an attorney. Their packages start at a modest fee, which includes the preparation and filing of the necessary documents, a registered agent service, business consultation, and ongoing customer support.

The total cost may vary depending on the specific package and additional services you choose.

What Types Of Companies Can Be Formed Using Inc Authority?

Inc authority can help you form various types of companies, such as a limited liability company (llc), c corporation, s corporation, non-profit organization, and more. Their experts will guide you through the process and ensure your company structure aligns with your specific goals and requirements.

How Long Does It Take To Form A Company With Inc Authority?

The timeframe to form a company with inc authority can vary depending on various factors, such as the state of formation, complexity of the company structure, and processing time of the state authorities. Generally, the process can take a few weeks to several months.

Inc authority will provide you with timeline estimates based on your specific circumstances.


Forming a company with inc authority is a seamless and efficient process that offers numerous benefits. By utilizing their expertise and comprehensive services, entrepreneurs can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all legal and administrative aspects of starting a business are taken care of.

The online platform provided by inc authority simplifies the process, making it accessible to all, regardless of location. The affordable pricing plans and the ability to customize packages ensure that business owners can find a solution tailored to their specific needs.

From registering the company name to obtaining an ein, inc authority guides entrepreneurs through every step, allowing them to focus on what truly matters – growing and developing their business. Let inc authority be your trusted partner in your entrepreneurial journey, helping you establish a strong foundation for success.

Take the first step today and empower your dreams with inc authority.

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